Second Level Cache for Entity Framework 6.1

Entity Framework does not currently support caching of query results. A sample EF Caching provider is available for Entity Framework version 5 and earlier but due to changes to the provider model this sample provider does not work with Entity Framework 6 and newer. This project is filling the gap by enabling caching of query results for Entity Framework 6.1 applications.

How to get it

You can get it from NuGet - just install the EntityFramework.Cache NuGet package

How to use it

The project uses a combination of a wrapping provider and a transaction interceptor. A simple InMemoryCache is included in the project. To use it you need first configure EF using code based configuration. Here is an example of how such a configuration looks like.

public class Configuration : DbConfiguration
  public Configuration()
    var transactionHandler = new CacheTransactionHandler(new InMemoryCache());


    var cachingPolicy = new CachingPolicy();

    Loaded +=
      (sender, args) => args.ReplaceService<DbProviderServices>(
        (s, _) => new CachingProviderServices(s, transactionHandler, 

You can find more details in my blogpost

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